Learning About Afghanistan Through Online Articles

afghanistan war - A-ZIPWhen my son went to Afghanistan, I was a typical mother. I knew that he was there to protect our country and to help others as well, but I still worried about him. I never followed the news much before, but his deployment changed all of that. I started looking at our national news every day to see what was going on with the military. I didn’t stop there though. Since he was actually in Afghanistan, I wanted to learn as much as I could about where he was. I really did not know very much, but I quickly got an education.

What really helped me was finding a website that has a variety of articles about Afghanistan. I was about to learn a good bit about the history there as well as current happenings. Continue reading


Learning About One of the Most Desolate Places on the Planet

Misère en Afghanistan - LExpress.frAfghanistan, as anyone with a pair of eyes and ears knows, has certainly been in the news a lot during the last ten years. The invasion of that country by the American military brought a lot of attention to this remote, mountainous country. I have been reading about the country for years without really knowing anything substantial about it or its peoples. That all changed when a friend of mine who served overseas came home with plenty of stories about his time patrolling the Afghan countryside. His accounts of the people and what he saw inspired me to dig deeper into this country’s history, geography, and culture. Continue reading